My areas of practice included auto and premises liability (including plaintiff side),  first party disputes (of all kinds), product liability, commercial litigation, including construction losses, as well as fire losses, professional negligence and dog owner liability cases.  I have had years of experience handling large losses.  Of the hundreds of cases that passed through Houser Associates, I oversaw all of them, collaborated on most, and always maintained my own caseload.  (I miss collaborating with the team the most.  Meetings, webinars, committees and countless productivity measures, somewhat less so….)  It was a good run, a run that included Trial, arbitration and appellate work–and more mediations than I can count.


I cared deeply about both oral and written advocacy and prided myself on negotiating in a tough, but fair, manner.  While I always pushed for the best result for my client–at times fiercely–it was never a bad day when the result was fair to all parties.  It was even better when it was civil litigation.


There are some cases that can only be resolved via Trial, but  the overwhelming majority should be able to be resolved at mediation.  In addition to appropriate levels of preparedness, motivation and authority (as well as a dash of patience), my experience is that the chances of resolution are highest with a strong mediator.  In aspiring to be one of the best, I’ll work tirelessly to resolve cases that have even the slimmest chance of being resolved.

While parties’ representatives have hundreds of other cases in their charge, I won’t forget that parties themselves may only ever have that one case and that the result affects them directly, often very substantially.

Et Cetera

In my spare time, I shuttle my 11-year-old to hockey and baseball, depending on the season.  I am the head coach of his baseball team.   We were the Ontario runner-up in Select and are moving up to Double-A in 2020.  (Daunting….)  I’m V.P. at Annette Baseball Association, a fantastic community program on the west side, and on the Board at George Bell Arena, an iconic west-end City facility.